Anonymous asked 2 years ago

48hour Sleep Cycle and Modafinil Advice
SUMMARY: SWIM has 400mg of modafinil to help stay awake and alert over roughly a full 24h period, in what doses and how often should this be taken? SWIM has exams soon in a few weeks and is running behind schedule. SWIM would like to try a 48h sleep cycle this week to be prepared and avoid any sleep deprivation in the week or so preceding the exam. (SWIM has done some research on a 48h sleep cycle and has found some promising results. We spend on average 1/3 of our time sleeping so a cycle of 32h awake and 16h sleeping is possible, but can be difficult to accustom to in the first week or so as it disrupts our natural circadian rhythm.) However SWIM doesn’t have much of a sleeping pattern at the moment anyway and this is a short term solution for SWIM (just 3 cycles which is 6days). SWIM is planning to do 36h awake and 12h asleep. But SWIM has 6, 200mg of modafinil to help, 400mg per cycle. SWIM wants to take the last dose no shorter than 6hours (preferably 8h) before bed, and on 12h sleep SWIM can probably work in the morning without modafinil. That leaves 3, 20-24 hour periods, with 400mg to use per period. SWIM believes that he metabolises modafinil relatively quickly (however grapefruit juice seems to prolong the effects interestingly). The use of the modafinil is to prevent tiredness and for sustained alertness. SWIM wants to know whether you lovely people would recommend (roughly within the 24h periods): *8, 50mg doses every 3hours *4, 100mg doses every 6hours or *any other suggestions? Any other useful comments, suggestions and (biological) reasoning (just out of interest) will be much appreciated!